ImpromptMe Conference - 1:1 Networking

Everything begins
with a handshake.

Empower your attendees with the ability to easily schedule 1:1 meetings even before arriving at your event - they will love you for that.

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Empower attendees to find exactly what they are looking for

  • Customizable profiles

    You know the best why your attendees come to your event. Choose which info should be displayed on their profiles.

  • Powerful filtering

    Unique profiles require unique filtering options. Filtering options are based on the profile customization you’ve selected.

  • Useful privacy settings

    Enable your high-profile attendees to decide who can and cannot invite them, so they don’t get overwhelmed with the number of requests.

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Designed to speed up online interactions

  • Perfect timing

    Our scheduling algorithm helps attendees to set the right meeting time by taking into account the personal agendas of both people involved.

  • Convenient meeting spot

    Our seating algorithm assigns attendees meeting spots equally across your event venue, depending on your conference needs.

  • App suggests attendees decide

    While the app helps set the meetups up, the final call is always up to the attendees to make.

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Here from the start to the end

  • Notifications

    The app reminds users about upcoming meetups through the timely combination of push-notifications, emails, and text messages.

  • Last-minute changes

    Something can always come up. The app enables people to reschedule or alert their meeting partner about delays easily.

  • Locating each other

    If users can’t locate each other at the assigned meeting spot, there is always a backup plan - in our case, it’s in-app chat.

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Flawless meetup, happy attendee

"I was able to quickly arrange a meeting... we had no issues finding each other."

"It was pretty cool! I was able to quickly arrange a meeting with a very interesting woman and we had no issues finding each other. The best part is that we truly got along and chances are we will work together in the future!"

Pavlína Louženská
Pavlína Louženská Designer of Change at manGoweb and #holkyzmarketingu

Still looking for something?

We have you covered. Customize the app to match your needs completely via the Organizer Portal.

Startup Speaker
Ticket-based roles

Assign specific roles, filters or other abilities to attendees based on the ticket type they’ve purchased.

Meetup spots

Depending on your event size and needs, meeting spots can either be assigned to users automatically, or they get out of 1-5 options defined by you.

10 to 30 minutes per meetups.

Define the length of the meeting slots to match the exact needs of your event.